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Kitchen Design
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kitchen design
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Flooring surfaces, furniture, interior design

  • Applications

Interior, residential, commercial

  • Characteristics

3 decor and product packages, versatile, durable, resistant to wear, easy to clean and maintain, authentic surface textures, color-coordinated



GGER Trend Selection – The Premium selection for inspiring living and working environments

With the premium selection Trend Selection EGGER offers coordinated decor and product packages. The innovative design concept leaves room for individual accents and opens up fascinating possibilities in the design of interior flooring.

With the EGGER Trend Selection, the team led by Klaus-Dieter Monhoff, Head of Design & Decor Management, has set a new milestone. The staging of harmonious overall concepts and individual highlights is child’s play. Whether for the retreat at home, for the stylish combination of privacy and home office or for sophisticated commercial use: the EGGER Premium Selection inspires new ideas whose implementation sets its own standards with the highest quality and timelessly beautiful design.

The EGGER Trend Selection consists of three decor and product packages that open up fascinating possibilities: Pure Solids, Creative Functions and Interior Match.

Made for a long life: Pure Solids

Solid wood and parquet looks are in. Pure Solids goes one step further – and combines high quality and natural design with the valuable properties of laminate. EGGER Laminate Flooring is robust and easy to clean, flexible and quick to install and offers excellent value for money. Innovative installation looks find their place here just as much as classic country house floorboards.

Pure Solids contains of ten authentic decors, which fulfil all style wishes from reduced-elegant to powerfully striking and also reproduce classic parquet looks. With five different plank formats – Classic, Medium, Large, Kingsize and Long – small and large rooms can be optimally staged. Thanks to the easy-to-understand decor concept, customers can make their choice quickly.


Good combination: Creative Functions

Open spaces and flowing transitions: In times when living and working are moving closer together than ever before, variety and separation are in demand. Especially within a room whose division into defined areas does justice to all functions. Combine, contrast and match decors and floors to create exciting and vibrant interior designs.

With 9 decors and 17 article variants, Creative Functions comprises three overarching style concepts that extend across all EGGER flooring types: the Bedollo Walnut theme includes 4 colour-coordinated decors in the Laminate, Comfort and Design Flooring GreenTec product categories. The Berdal Marble theme combines classic oak with white marble.

The product range is complemented by natural oak decors from the EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+, which is available as Laminate, Comfort and Design Flooring GreenTec. In this way, application-appropriate floors, such as the warm and soft Comfort flooring in the bedroom and the hard-wearing Laminate flooring in the living room, can be combined to form a harmonious whole.


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