Wall Design ideas

Wall Design ideas
  • Use

Walls, ceilings, doors, bedheads, separators, acoustic treatments

  • Applications

Residential, commercial, retail, display design, cultural and entertainment spaces, private/public spaces, bars, restaurants, theaters

  • Characteristics

Highly-customizable, decorative and acoustically functional, environmentally sensitive materials, suitable for reuse, easy application, different patterns through rotations and material combinations, can be used with other Mikodam walls & ceilings, lighting option, 3D wall panel

  • Sizes

Width 23,62 “ I 60 cm | Height 47,24 “ I 120 cm | Depth 3,42 “ I 8,7 cm | Depth of rail: 1″ I 2,5 cm

  • Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System | Raw Material: FSC certified, Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified, A+ label certified, LEED-certified, M1 Emission Class for Building Material certified, ISO 50001 certified, 0% VOC certified, GIGA Ranked (Green Ideas Green Actions), EPA TSCA Title VI Attestation, Reach Declaration, FDA Declaration



  • Unique design
  • Highly-customizable to suit your needs
  • Durable, sustainable materials with world-class certificates (check below)
  • Acoustic quality
  • Easy application
  • Detail solution that allows the panel to be rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees
  • Can be used with other Mikodamwalls & ceilings
  • Lighting option
  • Custom production upon request

Combinations & Acoustics

Mikodam 3D wall panels present clever solutions to create personalized spaces. Various combinations can be achieved with different color and material alternatives such as natural wood veneer (oak, walnut, teak), lacquer, and fabric. The material and the mass of the panel provide sound absorption. The geometry and the 3D design of the surfaces provide sound scattering. The forms Mikodam offers are shaped with acoustic calculations and aesthetic requirements in mind. The use of this product on walls and ceilings will allow even distribution of sound preventing acoustical defects such as acoustical glare, echo, or flutter echo. The isolators located between the rails and the walls stop vibrations from spreading and prevent undesired resonances.

The panel height is 120 cm. These panels can be assembled side-by-side or one on top of the other. Panels are mounted on to a rail system. The apparatus on the back can be turned to allow the panel to be rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Through rotations, material choices, and using different lines together you can create a variety of patterns.

If needed, 10 cm or 25 cm baseboards can be used with Mikodam walls on the top or bottom of the panels to complete the assembly on walls of different heights.

Material & Color options

Natural Wood Veneer

Oak, Teak, Walnut


Grey, White, Anthracite


Yellow, Green, Blue, Brick, Violet, Anthracite, Beige


The panels are mounted onto a rail system.

60×120 cm panels come with pre-inserted nuts at the corners on the back of the panel, ready to fix the Z-shaped profiles. Z-shaped profiles for 60×120 cm panels come separately. Using these pre-inserted nuts, Z-shaped profiles are fixed according to the direction of the panel to be hung.

The locations of the Z-shaped profiles are the same for all 60 x 120 panels so that if you change the panel with another 60 x 120 cm Mikodam panel you will not have to change the position of the U-shaped profile on the wall. You can also change the direction of the panels without changing the position of the U-shaped profiles.

While hanging the panels, for the panel at the bottom both lower and upper Z profiles should be used. For the panels above the first row, only Z profiles on the top are used.


  • World-class coating brands are used on all Mikodam walls & ceilings
  • These coatings are acrylic and water-based
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity
  • Do not contain any toxic content, care for human health, and the environment.
  • In harmony with EU legislation
  • Quality and Reliability Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety 18001 certified
  • Resistant to discoloration
  • High physical and chemical resistance
  • 4 times higher light resistance / High UV protection / FSC certified


Wipe with a damp cloth, do not use any chemicals or bleaching agents.

Application and use in Construction

Walls, Ceiling, Interior, Partitions


Fabric, Wood


Slabs / Plates / Panels


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